Friday, May 2, 2008

Potato Soup

I am not so hot at keeping up with this blogging thing: Since Aunt Pat is on vacation, Grandma Kress has both of my kids and Paige this week. She made the girls potato soup for lunch b/c at some point they must have told her they liked it?! She put it in front of them and they just looked at her like she was nuts! you know, like "what in the world is this" kind of look! It was certainly not the fun food that AP gives them. Grandma told they to try it, that they would like it. Kailyn put her hands on her hips and said "no, gee-gomma... YOU eat it"... Grandma took her bowl and ate some, and then told them to eat some. Kailyn then said "no, gee-gomma, YOU eat it. It is good for you." Paige then jumped on the bandwagon, putting her hands on her hips and saying "no me want soup". Grandma said that when she stopped laughing, she asked them what they wanted, to which Kailyn responds: "bologna pizza, cheese and ice cream"... any guesses what they actually had for lunch?

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